Retired Models/Commissions

Still need that Hyper drive for your Nubian cruiser? Were you hoping for the Fallen Order Diorama? Here at 2797 studios we try to offer the newest and most popular models. This drive to bring you the hottest products causes some items to be "retired" on occasion. Don't worrry though, those items are still available to you! 
If there was something you saw on our page in the past, that model is still available. Just a simple email can start the wheels in motion.  Also, being free of the restraints of smaller print surfaces we can now bring you some of the larger models available on the market. 

We also do commission work if there is a model you'd like printed and have the files. Again, just a simple email and we can get your personal build underway. 

You can custom build orders of various accesories from models across our catalog. Barrels and crates, computers and chairs, bottels and plates, whatever parts you many want we can arrange for you. As always, most of our models come in TVC or 6" scales. 

Thanks again for checking out our page and we look forward to bringing you new and exciting items while maintaing the availabilty of older models.

Retired and available models include:
  Mapuzo Outpost (upscaled)
  Duel of the Fates Finale (upscaled)
  Mos Pelgo Cantina (upscaled)
  Tattoonie Street Facades (upscaled)
  Death Star Ruins
  AT-ST Head Center piece (upscaled)
  Bobas Palace Mini-Diorama
  Darksaber Catwalk 
  Hangar Escpae (upscaled)
  Gaffi Building Station (upscaled)
  Tosche Station (upscaled)
  Forward Command Center
  Nesting Crates
  Yavin Ceremony (upscaled)
  Death Star Door
  Imperial Infinty Box
  Palpatines Office
  Rogue One: Jedha City Diorama
  Rogue One: Prision Door
  Falcon Exterior
  LAAT Republic Gunship Display
  AT-AT Leg
  Black Series Box Stand
  Jedi: Fallen Order Diorama
  Armorer's Forge
  Obi-Wan Kenobi's Hut
  Tatooine Exterior
  Death Star Modular Diorama by Figureworks (used with permission)
  The Mandalorian BFG (season 1)
  Yellow Speeder (XJ-7)
   Inquisitor Doorway
   Rancor Door
   Ewok Village
   Razorcrest Cargo Hold
   Ferrix Scene
   Arquitens Class Cruiser Bridge
   Twin Cannon (Kenobi)
   Jedi Meditation Chamber
   Armor Rack (Boba Fett)
   Mandalorian Natvity Scene
   Death Star Escape